Protein Labeling & Conjugation Handbook

Keys to Protein Protein Labeling & Conjugation

A Great Selection Guide for Protein Labeling

For protein detection and purification proteins are routinely modified with specific labels or tags.  These labels include biotin, enzymes, fluorescent tags or agarose beads.  The Protein Labeling & Conjugation Handbook features an in-depth overview of biotinylation, including an convenient selection guide for the biotin reagent.


  • Biotin Labeling
  • Agarose conjugation
  • Enzyme labeling with horseradish peroxidae or alkaline phosphatase
  • Fluorescent Labeling


Which reactive group? Is it water soluble? Can I cleave it? Is it membrane permeable? Too many questions about biotin reagents?


Download our guide for a quick reference to identify the biotin reagent that's right for you!