2D Sample Preparation

Improved 2D electrophoresis2D Electrophoresis is Sensitive to Reagents Used in Protein Extraction

Improper sample preparation results in poor data!

Many of the chemicals and reagents required for cell lysis interfere with downstream process, including:

  • 2D & 1D Electrophoresis
  • Western Blotting
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Enzyme Assays and other ELISAs

The most common interfering agents are reducing agents (i.e. DTT), detergents (i.e. CHAPS), chaotropes (i.e. urea) and salts (i.e Sodium Chloride).

Our Perfect-FOCUS and Tube-O-Dialyzer can remove these interfering agents and prepare protein samples for the most susceptible downstream application, 2D electrophoresis.

Download application for more details.