An Animal Free Protein Blocking Agent For Western Blots & ELISA

NAP_Blocker_gel_300dpi.jpgReduce Non-Specific Binding to Animal Proteins

A major drawback of current blocking solutions, such as BSA, casein and milk powder, is that they are derived from animal sources. The presence of animal proteins can often lead to high non-specific backgrounds as antigens and antibodies, generated in animals, interact with the "blocking" animal proteins.

For improved assay sensitivity, minimal non-specific binding, and a high signal-to-background ratio, NAP-BLOCKER™, an animal-free protein blocking agent, is recommended. 

NAP-BLOCKER™ offers:

  • Animal-free, 2X concentrated solution
  • Uniform blocking without non-specific binding
  • Reduced background staining
  • No cross-reactions with animal source antigens & antibodies
  • High signal-to-background ratio
Download the application note for a comparison of NAP-BLOCKER™ to routinely used milk preparations.