Improved PRotein Extraction Chaotropic Buffers in A Dry Format!

Prevent Unwanted Chemical Modifications & Save Time!

Did You Know Urea Degrades & By-Products Alter Proteins? Carbamylation is the reason, Dry format is the solution!

For optimal extraction of proteins, without artifactual chemical modification, the use of freshly prepared chaotropic buffers is recommended.  

The preparation of fresh buffers every time is time consuming and expensive as a result G-Biosciences offers our dry-format chaotropic extraction buffer line.  A selection of six buffers.

These buffers can be prepared fresh each time in small aliquots to prevent wastage.

A review of the application note "Improved Protein Extraction for 2D Electrophoresis with FOCUS Chaotropic Extraction buffers" shows the advantages of using these buffers and their use in serial fractionation to identify novel proteins.

Download the free application note.