Reproducible Subcellular Fractionation

Subcellular fractionation schemeEnrichment of Nuclear, Mitochondrial, Cytosolic & Membrane Proteins

Researchers are often focused on particular subcompartments of a cell, rather than the whole cell. For example, in recent years there has been an increase in mitochondrial and nuclear research, particularly with their involvement in cell death or apoptosis. In addition, the large number of proteins in animal tissue often causes problems in proteomic analysis due to a saturation of proteomic analysis tools, such as 2D electrophoresis. A key technique used in these cases is subcellular fractionation, the ability to separate the cellular proteins into defined, enriched subcellular fractions.

Download the FOCUS™ SubCellapplication note in which the kit is evaluated in the fractionation of NIH3T3 cells into fractions enriched in nuclear, mitochondria, cytosolic membrane or soluble proteins. After separation, the fractions were probed by Western blot with fraction specific antibodies and the mitochondrial fractions were analyzed for intact outer and inner membrane and mitochondrial functionality.

FOCUS™ SubCell kit enables the fast and easy isolation of nuclear, enriched mitochondrial, membrane and cytosolic fractions from animal cells and tissue. FOCUS™ SubCell is suitable for cultured animal cells and is adaptable for animal tissues.

 Download the free application note to see FOCUS SubCell in action.