Are Reversible Western Blot Membrane Stains Compatible for Infrared Imaging?

Are Total Protein Stains Suitable for Loading Controls?

Swift Membrane Stain & Blot-FastStain: Reversible Membrane Stains for IR Imaging

A reversible membrane stain for IR imagingInfrared (IR) Imaging of Western blots is a fast growing application with several companies offering imaging system and near infrared fluorophores.  IR imaging offers many benefits over chemiluminescence and as a result popularity is growing.

Despite the advancement in these detection system, the quality of the blot is still crucial and proper controls should be maintained.  One key control is loading controls.  Total protein stains are become widely accepted as loading controls over measuring housekeeping genes.  The main reasons for this are:

  • Take into account total protein profile not one single protein
  • Fast, takes a few minutes as opposed to hours for antibody development
  • Affordable as no expensive antibodies required
  • Reversible, total protein stains can be completely removed

 The big question is "Are there IR Imaging System Compatible Stains?"

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