Purify IgG from serum with Pearl™ Antibody Purification Resin

Pearl IgG Purification ResinOne Step Purification of Immunoglobulin G in < 15mins!

Resin Binds Non-IgG Molecules

Pearl™ IgG Purification Resin allows for the one-step purification of the immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies from serum. The resin binds the high abundant, non-IgG proteins (i.e albumin) and allows the IgG molecules to pass through in a physiological buffer. The purified IgG molecules can be stored or used in further downstream applications without further clean-up, such as ammonium sulfate precipitation.

Pearl™ IgG Purification Resin can purify IgG in <15 minutes, which is more rapid than the commonly used Protein A and Protein G resins. The performance of the Pearl™ IgG Purification Resin is comparable or better than the Protein A and Protein G resins.

  • Simple 1-step purification
  • Eliminates Protein A & G binding and elution steps
  • High recovery (>90%) & Purity (>80%)
  • Purify IgG from sources not compatible with Protein A & G

Download the application note for more details