ProteaseArrest™ Protease Inhibitor Cocktail Offers Over 95% Inhibition of Proteases

Outperforms Tablet Format Cocktails

Ready-To-Use Liquid Format

Offers Instant Inhibition

Protease inhibitor cocktail outperforms tabletsProtease inhibitor cocktails are routinely used in the purification of proteins to protect proteins of interest from degradation by native proteases. Upon cell/tissue lysis tightly regulated proteases are released from controlled environments and begin to rapidly degrade all proteins.

For maximum protein recovery, proteases need to be rapidly and effectively inhibited. ProteaseArrest is the ideal solution!

  • 100X Ready-To-Use Solution
  • >95% Inhibition
  • Optional EDTA

The application note shows how ProteaseArrest effectively inhibits proteases in mouse pancreas, a tissue with high protease levels. In addition, compares the effectivity to the routinely used tablet inhibitor cocktails:

Download the free application note to find the key to superior protease inhibition!