High Western Transfer Efficiency & Reduced Transfer TimeS

Comparison of Western Transfer using Swift transfer padsImproved Transfer of High Molecular Weight Proteins

SWIFT™ Transfer Pads

Simply Incorporate Into Your Western Blot System

Western blot analysis of proteins is a routine and commonly used technique in research laboratories, with 3 major drawbacks.

  1. Amount of time taken to transfer proteins 
  2. Variable efficiency of the transfer 
  3. Transferring high molecular weight proteins. 

SWIFT™ transfer pads alleviate the above issues with Western blotting when incorporated in the Western blot sandwich.

Each SWIFT™ transfer pad can:

  • Reduce transfer time by up to 50%, 
  • Produce high efficiency transfer
  • Transfer high molecular weight proteins
  • Prevents overheating and power shortages 

Download the free application note to find out how the SWIFT™ transfer pad technology combines the simplicity of semi-dry sandwich assembly with the improved efficiency of wet blot transfers.