Detergents for Protein Extraction & Cell Lysis Guide

How do detergents work in extraction of membrane proteins?


Detergents for Protein Extraction GuideThis guide features an introduction to detergents, including how the detergents work in the solubilization of proteins for successful protein extraction.  The introduction covers the classification and characterization of detergents and explains the key characteristics:

  • Critical Micelle Concentration
  • Kraft Point
  • Cloud Point
  • Aggregation Number
  • Hydrophile-Lipophile Balance (HLB)

Our Detergent Handbook features the following sections:

    • Proteomic Grade Detergents
      • Overview of G-Biosciences highly purified detergents to protect your proteins during protein extraction
    • Non-Ionic Detergents
    • Ionic Detergents
    • Zwitterionic Detergents
    • Detergent Removal
      • A selection of tools to remove free detergent to prevent interference with downstream applications
    • Detergent Accessories
      • For the optimization of detergent concentrations to prevent the use of excessive detergents
      • Detergent assays to determine the amount of detergents in your samples


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