Biotechnology & Life Sciences Hands ON classroom lab Activities

Provide hands-on skills and inquiry-based science learning experiences



The handbook gives an overview of all G-Biosciences teaching kits and highlights the skills and activities that the kits can be used to reinforce.  In addition, the handbook highlights any essential equipment that is required for the kits.

G-Biosciences science teaching kits are designed to be more technique based with the primary purpose of teaching scientific techniques and the teaching kits cover the following main areas.

  • Introduction
    • An overview of the benefits to reinforcing your teaching with hands-on activities
  • General Biotechnology
    • Simple introductory experiments to DNA, protein and features DNA fingerprinting activity
  • Microbiology
    • Understand bacteria with Gram staining, antibiotic sensitivity and bacteria culture experiments
  • Molecular Biology & Genomics
    • Featuring seventeen experiments designed around DNA, in particular molecular cloning and polymerase chain reaction
  • Protein & Proteomics
    • Everything protein related from assaying the amount of protein to purifying with ion exchange chromatography
  • Immunotechnology & Antibodies
    • Focuses on antibodies as a tool in research with lab experiments involving Western blotting and ELISAs
  • Other Biotechniques
    • A selection of biotechnology labs that do not fit neatly into the above categories.
  • Biotechnology: Science for The New Millennium
    • A selection of lab experiments adapted from Ellyn Daugherty's Biotechnology: Science for The New Millennium courseware
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