Molecular Biology Handbook

Overview of Genomic DNA Purification, Plasmid Tools, PCR and more


HB-3D_Molecular_biology.pngThis handbook features a large selection of tools and reagents for multiple applications involving DNA and RNA, including purification, cloning, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and nucleic acid electrophoresis.

Our Molecular Biology Handbook features the following sections:

    • Genomic DNA Purification
      • Multiple genomic DNA extraction kits for different DNA sources, including a proprietary high molecular weight extraction kit.
    • Plasmid DNA Tools
      • Miniprep plasmid isolation spin columns, transformation kits and plasmid screening kits
    • DNA Clean Up & Concentration
      • Spin column format, including agarose gel purification kits
    • PCR 
      • DNA polymerases and dNTPS
    • RNA Purification
      • Reagents for RNA extraction, including spin column format kits.
    • Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis
      • Agarose electrophoresis equipment and reagents
    • Hybridization Buffers
    • Yeast Research Tools
      • Plasmid isolation, transformation and DNA extraction tools

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