Protein Assays Technical Guide & Handbook

Features Protein Quantification, Protease, Phosphatase, Apoptosis, Cytotoxicity & Methyltransferase Assays

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This guide features an introduction to the different types of protein estimation assays and then explains some of the key factors that should be considered in selecting the most appropriate assay for your applications.  These features alone make the guide an invaluable resource. The guide then focus on a selection of other assays including protease, phosphatase, apoptosis and cytotoxicity assays.

The Protein Assay Technical Guide & Handbook features the following sections:

  • Introduction to Protein Quantification Assays
    • Featuring dye binding assays (Coomassie Protein Assays); copper ion based assays (BCA Protein Assays) and test strip based protein assays (Protein Dotmetric)
  • Selection Guide for Assays for Protein Estimation
    • Discusses interfering agents, sample preparation, assay sensitivity & sample size, issues with dilute protein samples, protein-to-protein variations and instrument requirements
  • Protein Estimation Assays
    • Large selection of protein quantification assays featuring multiple types
  • Protein Standards for Protein Estimation
    • BSA standards and gamma globulin standards
  • Protein Quantification Assay Selection Guide
    • A convenient table comparing G-Biosciences protein assays to make selection simpler
  • Protease Assays
    • Colorimetric and fluorescent protease assays and screening kits
  • Phosphatase Assays
    • Also featuring phosphatase inhibitor cocktails
  • Apoptosis Assays
    • Specific caspase assays, caspase inhibitors, caspase substrates and recombinant human caspases
  • Cytotoxicity Assays and Cell Proliferation Assays
    • LDH (lactate dehydrogenase assays), WST-1 and SRB assays
  • SAM Methyltransferase Assays
    • Continuous enzyme coupled assays for protein SAM methyltransferases, available in a colorimetric or fluorescent format
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