Protein gel electrophoresis guide for SDS-PAGE and 2D gel electrophoresis

Gel Casting, Sample Preparation, Protein Markers, Electrophoresis & Staining


Protein Electrophoresis GuideThe guide provides details of protein electrophoresis, including SDS-PAGE, native gel, Tris-Tricine, Bis-Tris, IEF, Zymography and 2D electrophoresis.  Features products for gel casting, sample preparation, electrophoresis and gel staining.

The Protein Electrophoresis Handbook features the following sections:

  • Protein Acrylamide Gel Preparation
    • SDS PAGE gel recipes and chemicals for gel preparation
  • Electrophoresis Separation
    • Protein Markers and Ladders
    • Electrophoresis Running Buffers for multiple gel formats
    • Protein Reduction & Alkylation Tools
    • 2D Electrophoresis Accessories
  • Electrophoresis Sample Preparation
    • Electrophoresis clean up tools for 1D and 2D gel electrophoresis
  • Protein Gel Stains
    • Coomassie Stains
    • Silver Stains
    • Fluorescent Stains
    • Reversible Stains
    • Glycoprotein Stains
  • Gel Drying and Fixing Solutions
  • Cell Lysis and Protein Extraction
  • High Abundant Protein Removal
  • Protein Fractionation and Enrichment
  • Cleanup and Concentration of Samples
  • Power Supplies

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