Sample Preparation for Protein Labeling and Protein Conjugation Guide

Label or Conjugate Proteins to Biotin, Enzymes, Fluorescent Dyes or Agarose

Protein Labeling, Conjugation and Sample Preparation Guide


The Protein Labeling & Conjugation Handbook features a guide to key coupling factors and reactive groups to identify for successful protein labeling. The handbook also features a large selection of reagents and tools to prepare samples for labeling and conjugating to ensure your successful research.

The Protein Labeling & Conjugation Handbook features the following sections:

  • Biotin Labeling
    • Overview of biotin reagents, including coupling factors and reactive groups.  Features selection of biotin reagents and complete labeling kits
  • Biotin Purification
    • Resins for the purification of biotinylated biomolecules
  • Agarose Conjugation
    • Couple proteins and other biomolecules to sulfhydryl, amine and carboxyl reactive resins
  • Enzyme Labeling
    • Kits for the coupling of HRP (horseradish peroxidase) to antibodies and other proteins
  • Fluorescent Dye Labeling
    • Complete kits for labeling antibodies and proteins with fluorescent dyes
  • Labeling Accessories
    • Coupling and labeling buffers for optimal conjugation conditions, solvents and complete reactor systems
  • Sample Preparation and Clean Up
    • Micro dialysis devices, spin format gel filtration and concentration tools
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