Protein Sample Preparation Handbook

From Initial Lysis to Fractionation, Contamination Removal & Concentration

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A guide to protein sample preparation tools designed to simplify and improve protein isolation.  From initial lysis of active or denatured proteins, subsequent protein fractionation and final clean up of sample.  Clean up tools feature unique dialysis devices, desalting and buffer exchange tools, detergent and endotoxin removal columns. 

The Protein Sample Preparation Handbook features the following sections:

  • Protein Extraction & Lysis
    • Featuring tools to isolate active proteins, total protein extraction (chaotropic) and general lysis buffers (RIPA lysis buffer and more)
  • Protein Extraction Accessories
    • Essential supplements for extraction including protease inhibitor cocktails, phosphatase inhibitor cocktails and grinding tools
  • Protein Fractionation
    • Reliable and reproducible protein fractionation kits. Produce protein enriched fractions from membrane, cytosol, mitochondria and more.
  • Contamination Removal
    • A key step to allow sample to be compatible with downstream applications.  Features micro-dialysis, spin format desalting and buffer exchange columns and detergent and endotoxin removal tools
  • Concentration Systems
    • Concentrate and clean up samples with our unique protein concentration tools
  • Electrophoresis Clean-Up
    • Specific reagents for optimal 1D and 2D protein electrophoresis
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