Plant Proteomics: Protein Identification, Purification and Concentration

Key tools for initial lysis, fractionation, contamination removal and concentration


Plant Proteomics HandbookThe Plant Proteomics Handbook provides a complete guide to preparing plant and recombinant protein samples for multiple uses.  The guide has all your solutions and features the following sections:

  • Protein Extraction & Lysis
    • Reagents to the isolation of plant total proteomes, chaotropic extraction buffers and buffers for purifying active proteins.  Key supplements are also featured, including protease, phosphatase and phenolic inhibitors
  • Protein Fractionation
    • A range of fractionation tools to simplify the complex plant proteome and allow for improved purification
  • Contamination Removal
    • Purification of plant proteins is often problematic due to high levels of interfering agents.  Gel filtration, dialysis and other interfering agent removal tools are featured.
  • Concentration Systems
    • Following purification, samples need to be efficiently concentrated and cleaned.
  • Electrophoresis Clean Up
    • Unique tools for the cleaning of samples for 1D and 2D electrophoresis
  • Recombinant Protein Purification
    • Purification resins and tools for GST and 6X His tagged plant proteins
  • Affinity Column Generation
    • Generate your own columns to purify your plant protein with preactivated resins
  • Protein Estimation
    • A selection of protein estimation assays that overcome interfering agents typically associated with plant protein samples
  • Other Resources
    • Western blotting, mass spectrometry and assay development reagents
    • Plant DNA Extraction kits
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