Protease & Phosphatase Enzymes, Related Inhibitors and Assays

A guide to the enzymes, their inhibitors and assays for their activity


Protease and Phosphatase Enzyme GuideThe Protease & Phosphatase Inhibitors, Enzyme & Assays Handbook and Selection Guide features proteases for protein extraction, protein sequencing and mass spectrometry.  The inhibitor section covers individual protease and phosphatase inhibitors and inhibitor cocktails.  A section on protein and phosphatase assays covers a range of assays to monitor and screen for enzyme activities in a host of samples.

This guide features the following sections:

  • Protease Inhibitor Cocktails
    • A selection of cocktails for various samples and applications
  • Individual Protease Inhibitors
    • Featuring a selection of inhibitors and a convenient selection guide
  • Protease Assays & Screening Systems
    • Complete assays and substrates
  • Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktails
  • Phosphatase Assays
  • Proteases
    • Mass spectrometry grade, sequencing grade and immobilized proteases
  • Protein Sequencing Analysis Tools
    • Featuring in gel digestion products for peptide generation
  • Protease Removal and Protease Purification
  • Protein Extraction & Lysis
    • Buffer systems for protein extraction of active proteins
  • Protein Extraction Accessories
    • Grinding tools and resins
  • Lysis Kits and Buffers
  • Chaotropic Protein Extraction Tools
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