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Submission Guidelines

The Protein Man invites members of the life science community to join the “Ask The Protein Man” community.  Make your individual impact by contributing your knowledge and work to The Protein Man.  Get recognized and credited for your work and be rewarded with as much as $2,000 for each of your contributions.

Write an article on any subject of interest to the life science community.  Contributors are, however, encouraged to follow these guidelines and most importantly be original.

The following guidelines will be on a separate web page and linked to from the various places:

  1. Be original!
  2. Be interesting! Would you take time to read your article?
  3. Be creative! Images, figures and video links are greatly appreciated.
  4. Target topics relevant to G-Biosciences target audience. We target researchers and scientist in the life sciences.
  5. Feature G-Biosciences products, where possible. If you feature a G-Biosciences product there will be a greater reward.  Have you used a G-Biosciences product in a different application than we sell it for?  Have you used a G-Biosciences product to solve a hurdle or problem in your research?
  6. Article topics/ types we would prefer are shown below. However, a topic or article format of your choice may be better that what we are thinking!




Life Science Article

Informative article on life science related topic. Examples: How Tos, Troubleshooting resolutions, Tips and Tricks. 500 word minimum

Up to $500


General, but unique, lab protocols, buffer recipes and uses

Up to $1,000

General Interest Piece

A piece about current developments, new techniques, reviews in science

Up to $1,500

Application Note/ White Paper

Technical document about a specific application. Written in the style of a scientific paper

Up to $2,000

* Articles featuring G-Biosciences products will receive a greater reward


Terms & Conditions


  • Submitted articles will be reviewed by the “Ask The Protein Man” editorial board.


  • Editorial board will choose relevant articles
  • Once an article is selected, the author will be informed along with the value of their reward
  • Payment will be made at this time


  • Any time the article is used the author and their institute will be cited and an optional photo and short bio may be used.
  • G-Biosciences retains all rights to the article and can edit, modify and use part or entirety of the article.


  • A check will be mailed at the time of selection to the address submitted
  • Payment is a one time payment irrespective of the subsequent uses of the article
  • Reward payments are only made if allowed by institute, local, state and federal laws

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